The Merchant of Venice

Murano Exclusive Vinegia edp

Main notes Red berries, Coriander
Middle notes Cypress, Juniper, Rose
Base notes White cedar, Castoreum, Agarwood, Patchouli, Benzoin
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This fragrance represents the time-honoured connection of Venice with the Orient, of splendour and opulence, and of the fascinating alchemy created solely by the world of spices.

The majestic oud dominates the fragrance. It expresses preciousness and charm and is further enriched with the warm notes of patchouli and cedar wood. These notes are in turn harmoniously combined with delicate touches of rose and apple flowers. 

The collection, Murano Exclusive – made by expert perfumers inspired by the Venetian style – represents the ideal combination between the highest Venetian craftsmanship and the most refined fragrances.

It is a collection of exclusive Eau de Parfum Concentrée characterised by an olfactory composition that has been masterfully created. The central floral and Oriental notes confer a unique, refined, and definite character onto each single creation. 


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