Sandal Granada edp

Main notes Calabrian bergamot orange
Middle notes Leather, Red sandalwood, Rose
Base notes Honey, Vanilla, Frankincense
Parfumer Andrea Thero Casotti
Year of release






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SANDAL GRANADA is a hymn to the architecture, history and enchantment of the last Arabic capital in Europe, Granada. It also pays homage to the world’s greatest monument of Arabic art: the Alhambra. The fragrance illustrates the charm of the Arabic-Moorish atmospheres and evokes the luxurious daily life of the Sultans who loved to welcome merchants in their palace with the most precious materials. Among those, the famous Sandalwood sought after for its richness and for its enveloping warmth.

TOP NOTES: Bergamot
HEART NOTES: Sandalwood, Rose, Leather
BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Incense, Honey


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