Fiore Di Portofino edp

Main notes Neroli, Lemon, Basil, Sicilian orange
Middle notes Geranium, Cloves, Mimosa, Tuscany iris
Base notes Ambergris, Vetiver, Musk
Parfumer Andrea Thero Casotti
Year of release





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“FIORE DI PORTOFINO” is a lively and bright fragrance filled with the bay’s transcendent magic: 
the chromatic spell of its waters, the glistening horizon, the glamorous personalities and VIPs that  have contributed to its history and fame, the olfactory story of its nature that blooms with rare beauty. 

The bottle of “FIORE DI PORTOFINO” is a unique work of art: each piece is handmade according to an old Florentine decoration technique passed on from father to son for generations. It is a hymn to the colors of the sea and sky, a tribute to the celebrities such as Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot, Humphrey Bogart and Liza Minelli who loved returning to Portofino for a holiday. 

This is precisely what the bottle’s golden brush strokes refer to: they illustrate the many lives, stories and 
famous souls that have crossed paths in this small part  of earthly paradise. “FIORE DI PORTOFINO” was 
born to become an iconic fragrance full of character, as well as the casket of a thousand memories and of an 
ageless beauty projected towards an even brighter future. 

Between water and sky, between breath and air. Where borders fade to become one, beauty arises before the eyes and the soul of those who contemplate her. Where the purest sky plunges into the crystal clear green sea, emotions free themselves like a cloud blown by the wind. 
FIORE DI PORTOFINO unveils its scent with the slowness of a flower that is in no hurry to bloom. 
It reveals itself fearlessly, even unexpectedly, and distills its warmth nurtured for long by the rays of the sun. And when the bouquet suddenly unfolds, its olfactory harmonies take your mind and imagination to the most exclusive bay of the world. 
The citrus notes chase those of Neroli and anticipate the unusual dance of Basil, Mimosa and Iris. 
The Amber undertones settle down to the deeper accords of Musks and Vetiver from Haiti. 


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