Perris Monte Carlo

Cacao Azteque edp

Main notes Pepper, Cardamom, Pink peppercorn
Middle notes Orchid, Tuberose, Rum, Pittosporum
Base notes Cocoa, Red sandalwood, Musk
Parfumer Mathieu Nardin



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Found within native Central America, the Aztec’s were among the first to encounter the cocoa bean and learn of its unique properties and introduce it to the world. But it was rumored that during Cortez’s journey to Mexico City, he discovered the importance of the cocoa bean. Xocoatl, extracted from cocoa beans, a bitter mixture blended with crushed chili pepper and cardamom, creates the perfect elixir for the palate which was said to be the “food of the gods”. This elixir was said to give gods’ the strength of power and knowledge. For this reason, Montezuma, the last independent of the Aztec’s kings, greedy and power obsessed, he drank more than fifty cups a day.

A blend that surely leaving one desiring for more. The Cocoa Absolute is a precious and rare essence used in perfumery. When used, it creates a dense, rich liqueur and penetrating aroma that is undeniably addicting. The exotic scent will stimulate your senses and bring forth sweet and spicy scent memories.


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