Pink peppercorn

Pink pepper, also called “pink peppercorns” (baies roses in French), is a kind of pepper obtained from the berries of the species Schinus molle and of the related Schinus terebinthifolius, originally a South American tree (Brazil, Peru…) with a look close to Babylon Willow (saule pleurer or Salix Babylonia). Formally known as Baie rose de Bourbon or Poivre de Bourbon, pink pepper is also referenced as “poivre rosé” (literally “pink pepper” thanks to its color), faux poivre (fake pepper, because it’s not hot) and with various geographical appellations (Poivre brésilien, Poivre d’Amérique, Poivre de la Réunion), though it’s also produced in other places as well (Madagascar, close to Reunion actually, and New Caledonia, most notably). It’s known ever since the 5th century, according to historical data, but never as popular as it is now.