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Black III parfum

Main notes Mint, Bergamot orange
Middle notes Wood notes, Leather
Base notes Moss, Agarwood, Patchouli, Vanilla, Red sandalwood
Parfumer Ali Aljaberi
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Black Collection III – luxurious and exclusive fascinating exotic oriental woody unisex added in 2015 to the “black collection” of AJ Arabia. Authors of aromatic composition are Jean-Claude Astier and Ali Aljaberi. Their aromatic masterpiece has an incredibly beautiful and lasting aroma. The composition begins with the freshness of bergamot and mint, carrying you in the season of spring, forcing the recall of happy moments of your life. The warm smell of leather and woods in the middle of the composition entice you to dive into the depths of your memories, recreating vivid moments in your mind. Soft as the kiss of spring sunshine, the base notes consist of spicy sandalwood, warm wool and spicy notes of patchouli, vanilla, sweet and delicate, the aroma of the forest and oak moss. Deep, balanced, spicy and smoky, sweet with light note of oud balances fragrance and makes it sensible, bright and charming.


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