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Tupai Love edp

Main notes Flower notes, Citruses, Jasmine
Middle notes Pepper, Iris, Artemisia, Rose
Base notes Ambergris, White cedar, White musk, Vetiver, Tonka beans, Elemi, Patchouli, Vanilla
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The memory of a languid sunset on Tupai, a romantic and uninhabited heart-shaped atoll of French Polynesia. This fragment of paradise is the setting for a rich and incredible fragrance, which evokes a powerful and uncontaminated place, surrounded by an ocean of passion. A magnetic cobalt presence moved by racing clouds, which dissolves into languid turquoise lagoons where dizzying colours and depths of light reflect, like liquid crystal, the rebirth. The sun slowly goes down and sets the horizon on fire with violet and pink. It brushes and colours moment after moment with lightness. And when the last ray disappears, a light breeze brings perfumes of flowers and vanilla. Soft beauty that reconnects with the universe. An intense and sensual floral moment that seems never to wilt. A more than evocative trail, it suggests to the nose what the imagination cannot even conjure up: the warmth of the sea and the fineness of the sand on the skin.


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