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Santal Pondicherry edp

Main notes Citruses, White cedar, Frankincense
Middle notes Saffron, Cardamom
Base notes Ambergris, White cedar, Vanilla, Red sandalwood
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The memory of an unforgettable walk to Pondicherry, in India. In this town, where the scents tell everything, there is a road. It goes through the warm and engaging atmosphere of the markets brimming over with spices, fruit and flowers, accompanies the spiritual scents coming from the temples and ashrams, and approaches cool and leafy avenues, up to the shade of a villa. In this silent and shady garden, the aroma of sandalwood rises from the moss-covered home and, unforgettable, it permeates clothes. Time stops still. A mystical and sensual rapture envelops the body. A woody and enveloping trail of warm and lasting richness, which features local natural essences of a superior quality in pride of place, to bring back the spirit of the former French colony on the Gulf of Bengal, harmoniously balanced between many worlds.


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