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Cio Cio San edp

Main notes Grapefruit, Ginger, Yuzu, Lemon
Middle notes Peony, Litchi, Sakura
Base notes White cedar, Tea, Guaiacwood, Musk
Parfumer Cécile Zarokian


Year of release






Forget, for a moment, her tragic ending and think instead of the heroine who lives in a happy bubble of memory, a confection of young love and nostalgia that is as lovely and fragile as her namesake. This scent evokes Cio Cio San’s happiest days, opening with an exhilarating splash of yuzu, limette and ginger that is joined by a profusion of flowers. The first impression is that of walking into a garden in full bloom, but the heady peonies and cherry blossoms quickly become light and sheer as the exquisite sweetness at the heart of the fragrance appears. Lychee is an incredibly distinctive note that blends delectable juicy fruit with a soft, rose-like quality–it is both instantly familiar and impossible to place, like a candy eaten in a dream. A watercolor wash of oolong tea adds to this wistful nostalgia, creating an ethereal finish that is both clean and vibrant. Like a haiku that can conjure up an entire scene with a few well-chosen details, Cio Cio San is a serene meditation that evokes the springtime and romance of old Japan with heart-twisting clarity.


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