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Delma parfum

Main notes Peach, Mandarin orange, Heliotrope, Bergamot orange
Middle notes Geranium, Nutmeg, White freesia, Jasmine
Base notes Saffron, Marshmallow, Wood notes, Patchouli, Leather
Parfumer Ali Aljaberi
Year of release





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Delma Fragrance was inspired by the Dalma Island in the heart of the Arabian Gulf in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Delma is unisex, Powdery Floral fragrance with an oriental Saffron touch on the base, leaves a lasting impression and ignites the nobility tone within their inner landscape, much like the landscapes of the beautiful Dalma Island. Its addictive sensual floral notes drizzled in the tangy fruity scents, weaves a delicious web of contrast. The luminous notes of Delma bring an unexpected softness to the velvety juice. The fragrance bursting with Guaicwood notes that are crushed with galbanum, round out the natural beauty of this elegant scent.

The Velvet Collection is a sensual oriental blend of floral sensations, it takes you on an exceptional olfactory journey, combining the classical and modern heritage of the Middle East and its treasures. The Velvet Collection sparks off the innovative scents of an oriental floral, capturing and reflecting light and the velvety caress of sun-warmed skin. Fusing the worlds of dreams, sensuality, wealth and nobility. This collection is a cascade of resonant mixture between east and west, dark and light ingredient, a combination of well balanced but polar elements.

The crystal clear magnificent bottle design was inspired by the great archeticture of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, which are the most sophisticated and beautiful monaments in Arabia now adays.



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