Parfum de Prague

Pour Elle No. III edp

Main notes Mandarin orange, Blackcurrant
Middle notes Raspberry, Jasmine, Rose
Base notes Ambergris, Caramel, Musk
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Perfume III is a royal composition with oriental overtones of the floral liaison of bergamot, orange, jasmine and the scent rose blossoms. Eventually, you will be caressed by the scent of sweet vanilla and patchouli diffusing into a musk character.

The tradition of Parfum de Carlsbad perfumes reaches all the way back to the 14th century, and is closely associated with the discoverer of Karlovy Vary, the king and emperor Charles IV.

In the past, perfumes were meant primarily for emperors, kings, and other highly ranked people. As tradition has it: “whoever tries the emperor’s perfume will always be attractive, loved, and successful”; therefore, the recipes and manufacturing processes have been meticulously kept a secret.

People also knew that fragrances are powerful aphrodisiacs that can fulfil dreams. Even the discoverer of Karlovy Vary, Charles IV, was aware of this, as he spent his early childhood in France, which has always been a distinguished perfume superpower. Cleopatra bewitched Caesar with her perfume made of secret ingredients, Madame de Pompadour thus bewitched the king of France, and Charles IV thus won the hearts of all of his women.

The traditional imperial perfumes Parfum de Carlsbad are highly concentrated, and only the highest quality aroma compounds from around the world are used for their production. Natural essences such as ambergris, olibanum, or rare herbs and spices, lend the perfumes the mystical air of times gone by.

The symbol of the Czech crown jewels, gilded with 24-carat gold and set with rubies and the symbol of five diamonds, dominates the crystal flacons shaped like cut diamonds. Parfum de Carlsbad perfumes are one of the traditional treasures of Karlovy Vary.

Experience the intensity of this royal tradition dating back to the 14th century…


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