Lady Tubereuse edp

Main notes Ginger, Fruit notes, Tuberose
Middle notes Angelica, Lily, Ylang-ylang
Base notes Ambergris, White cedar, White musk, Vetiver, Tonka beans, Vanilla, Resin

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An intense, provocative and hypnotic fragrance, inspired by the most enigmatic femme fatale in history. The nocturnal and carnal nectar of a prohibited flower, impossible to forget. It blossoms after sunset and its obsessive scent dwells in rooms and lingers on heavy velvet curtains. Mata Hari, scantily dressed, dances in the moonlight, performing languid exotic moves with calculated lust. Her dark eyes have the depth of the ocean’s abysses. Her body undulates with infinite grace between the floating veils and the inebriating scents of her perfumes. Sultry gazes. An intense Tuberose is given off by her amber skin and her mass of black hair. It tells of secret loves and unconfessable desires, and sweeps us off afar, towards a magnetic and mysterious Orient, which cannot be reached by the eyes. It remains even after she leaves, leaving behind her a trail of mystery and voluptuousness.


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