Jovoy Parfumeur Parisien

Jus Interdit extract

Main notes Flower notes, Bergamot orange
Middle notes Patchouli, Dassie, Cypriol
Base notes Ambergris, Agarwood, Iris, Atlas cedar, Virginian cedarwood, Benzoin
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Welcome in a Palace’s lobby. The inimitable procession of the clients is starting:

The red lipstick of a beautiful Slav women is mixing with the patchouly smell of an Andalousian girl. The pure Oud oil slip out of the wrist of the lovely oriental women and blend with woody, ambery plume of smoke of the Princes who are never far away. All this mix could create an inaudible chaos of perfume, and yet, this big “mukkhalat” is unique; magical!

Jovoy Parfumeur Parisien, is proud to now offer for the ladies or the gentleman who wish to wear and inimitable perfume of the princess or the princes, a Forbidden Juice.


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