Blend Oud

Mazyon edp

Main notes Jasmin Sambac
Middle notes Eucalyptus, Cashmere wood
Base notes Ambergris, White musk
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MAZYON is the symbol of originality and creativity. A fragrance inspired by the artistic genius that is expressed through sculpture and painting, music or dance.

In its soul, oddity is a sign of joy, inventiveness and ability to attract and to create beauty.

Blend Oud
The soul of the finest Oud

Blend Oud is a refined mélange combining the knowledge of the Arabic perfumery art – that goes back millennia – with the most magical and emblematic ingredient in the history of perfume: Oud.

Blend Oud takes its inspiration from a very ancient tradition: that of the noble gestures of the arabic perfume masters, who used to blend the exceptional, rare and precious, raw materials, patiently and methodically, bringing to life a valued and fascinating olfactory culture.

The heart of the Blend Oud fragrance collection lies in the most valuable Oud coming from Southeast Asia A true gift of nature, extremely rare and with a deep, warm and enveloping aroma.

The soul of a precious tradition, the magic of timeless fragrances.


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